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Biogas stations

Whoever wants to master the difficult process of diversification in energy production and combustion of biogas, therefore his goal is the construction and operation of biogas station, has the opportunity to benefit from the experiences of companies Biogas Hochreiter GmbH, Agrotrade Group spol. s.r.o., and ZAS s.r.o. These companies co-operate and provide customer services focused on counseling, realization studies creation, planning, projecting and licensing agreements, making request to obtain a grant, constructing, as well as commissioning and service providing. 


To achieve your goal and build a real and functioning biogas station with quick return, consortium of companies Biogas Hochreiter GmbH, Agrotrade Group spol. s.r.o., ZAS s.r.o. offer you a complex cooperation divided into these 5 stages:


Stage 1: Obtaining necessary informations, excursions, advices, calculations, designing the optimal solution 

Stage 2: Creation of technology project

Stage 3: Creation of project documentary and basic documents for obtaining authorizations

Stage 4: Preparation of documents for obtaining finances from banking institutions or from investment partners 

Stage 5: Construction of biogas station, technology delivery, commissioning, and service

Biogas stations in operation:

1. Biogas station Rozhanovce - Construction is situated on the east of Slovakia next to Košice. It works with electrical power 1000 kW/h. It consists of 2 fermenters. One of them is simple and the other is so called “circle in circle” with ending stock and integrated gas holder.



2. Biogas station Plavnica – Construction is situated on the east of Slovakia, 9 km from Stará Ľubovňa. It works with electrical power 1000 kW/h. It consists of one “circle in circle” fermenter with average 40 m and with open ending stock.


3. Biogas station Dubník – this construction is located on western Slovakia, not far from Nové Zámky. Station works with installed power 1000kW/h. It has one “circle in circle” fermenter. Ending stock is open.


4. Biogas station Kráľov Brod – Construction is located on western Slovakia, next to Dunajská Streda. It is made of one “circle in circle” fermenter and ending stock with integrated gas holder. This station worked with power 600 kW/h. In December 2013 station got extended by 305 kW/h.

Benefits of cooperating with AGROTRAGE GROUP and BIOGAS HOCHREITER:

  • More than 25 years of experience in the construction and operation of biogas stations in Germany


  • When projecting the station, the specific system of production with respect to the lowest consumption will be designed


  • Effective use of patented blender – the content of fermenter is mixed sufficiently as well as it is gentle to bacteria. Paddle shaped blender ensures consistent mixing of the substrate even with drier matter compared to classically used propeller stirrer.   


  • Use of high quality materials with long life for technical equipment (e.g. rustless)


  • Quality and robust technology and the system of ferroconcrete tanks is a precondition for getting maximum quantity of biogas for power production and heat 


  • Dispensing system is simple, economical and robust

Additional services in area of biogas stations:

  • Complete service of biogas stations – we have the authority to repair, maintenance, reconstruct, etc.


  • Spare parts


  • New equipment for production and processing of biogas


  • Complete cogeneration from power 90 kWel to 1200 kWel


  • Advices regarding technology and functioning of biogas stations


  • Extension of already existing biogas stations, complete installation of gasholder on uncovered concrete tank


  • Analysis of biogas with portable measuring device (CH4, CO2, H2S, O2)


  • Analysis of samples of oil, refrigerating mixture

Biogas stations


Taking out of a substrate

Engine room

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