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Company AGROTRADE GROUP spol. s.r.o. was established on March 17, 1993 in Rožňava. Since its establishment it has noticed a tremendous growth and has gone through many organizational changes. Today is AGROTRADE among the most important companies in the Slovak agricultural sector. Its extensive activity includes primary production, trade, services, construction activity and energy production – all linked to agriculture. Such an extensive business mix is very rare and unique in Slovakia.


The company is located in Rožňava. Two agricultural production centers belong to it – one in Gemerská Ves and the other in Malý Čepčín. Besides these centers company consists of 10 daughter companies.


For already 21 years is the company AGROTRADE GROUP spol. s.r.o. significantly contributing to the development of agricultural mechanization on the Slovak market. Currently the company’s portfolio consists of finest machines from world-class agricultural producers. During its existence, company has managed to create a network of service centres and spare parts sales, composed of highly qualified service technicians. Thanks to them it is possible to provide prompt service interventions for customers. Besides complete technical support of primary production, the company offers to its customers opportunity to join informal “marketing and sales association”, working under AGROTRADE GROUP spol. s.r.o. It was created in an effort to reduce costs of the purchase of inputs for primary agricultural production. Company’s service package also includes, in addition to many benefits, the sale of seeds, pesticides and fertilizers from various companies operating in the Slovak market. In recent years company deals with development, production and sales of own foliar fertilizers.


Company has its own construction group, founded in the late 1990s, which specializes in the construction of agricultural buildings such as HV halls, silage troughs, high-capacity stables and biogas stations.


Use of alternative energy sources plays an important role throughout the world. That is why the company chose the path of constructing biogas stations in cooperation with German company BIOGAS HOCHREITER - well known for its technology worldwide.  


Information technology is used for various purposes also in agriculture, and AGROTRADE GROUP developed and introduced to the market its own unique GPS system for nonstop monitoring of agricultural machinery called ITINERIS. This system is able to track performance, consumption and quality of the work performed by monitored machines.


In 2013, AGROTRADE started cooperation with French company Duraplas, which offers a variety of tanks and polyethylene products such as: liquid fertilizer tanks, transport tanks, underground tanks, portable cattle fences etc.


As of beginning of 2014 company’s portfolio got expanded by the ISUZU D-MAX pickup trucks, which are greatly suitable for farmers, hunters, rangers, horse breeders and for everyone looking for a right balance between practical and personal car, reliable in every situation.

Company establishment: 1993

Subsidiaries (2012): 10

Number of employees (2012): 421

The total area of agricultural land (2012): 17 310 ha

Storage capacity (2012): 62 000 t

Number of sheep (2012): 3 758 pc

Number of cattle (2012): 2 955 pc

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