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Devices using GPS technology

Area with significant potential to save costs is the use of equipment and systems for operating, monitoring and optimizing the movement of machines based on GPS technology. These devices can be divided into devices for physical operation of the tractor or other machine and systems for post-processing information about motion and so, which outputs are used for further analysis.



Systems for precising movement of the machinery on field:



The aim of deployment of these systems is to reduce the cost and to save time by performing precisely defined strips, thus there is no overlapping in the soil work, application of fertilizers, etc.:



  • Manual operation: GPS system informs the user about deviation from track. It is an external monitor with a graphical representation of the movement on parcel. LED light bar shows the amount of deviation from the line. System doesn’t intervene the operation; there is no need of interventions to machines.



  • Assisted operation: GPS system rotates the steering wheel via mechanic components and operates the machine. The adjustments to the machine is necessary.



  • Automatic operations: GPS system directly sends the instructions to control operation of orbitrol. Machine built this way comes usually from production. No need for further interventions besides installation of antennas and monitor.



For our machines, we use GPS technology TopCon, global partner of AGCO. All devices are tested for use in agriculture.



Topcon 110 is a system of manual operation, machine is operated by user. LED light bar shows deviation from the specified line. EGNOSS is used as a source of signal correction, which works with an accuracy of approx. 0.3 m. Since the machine is operated by user, this precision is sufficient - manual control cannot cope with greater accuracy. Optimal application is into sprayers, fertilizer spreaders, manure applicators etc. It is possible to supplement the sprayer system by automatic closing sections, thereby other costs are reduced.



Topcon 150 + AES 25 is a system of assisted operation for machines, where it is necessary to achieve accuracy about 5-10 cm. Optimal use is for sowing. Steering wheel AES 25 is mounted on the console instead of the original steering wheel and it operates the machine according to instructions of Topcon 150. In case of any problem you have to just turn the steering wheel by 10 degrees. By this action user takes control of operation and by pressing the button he can automatically return to the original line. For the accuracy of 5-10 cm it’s necessary to receive Omnistar HP correction signal, which is charged aprox. 1200 EUR / year. The great advantage of the AES 25 is its easy installation in any machine. That is why it can be deployed in multiple applications according to seasonal needs.



For machines that are already made with GPS operation (entry on orbitrol) so that they don’t need external operation of speeding wheel, we offer only system 150, or modern field computer X30, which can also be used as an ISOBUS monitor of seeder, operate variable dose and so.



Devices using GPS can besides operating also obtain data about position, speed, and so on, and store them. Therefore it is possible to use subsequent machine control repeatedly in the same lines (CTF). To the data about the position, direction, speed is also possible to add data from machine operation (engine speed, load, fuel level, work operations, tools, etc.) and to transfer these data for analysis. For these purposes, we offer our information system called Itineris.


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