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Itineris is a GPS system for nonstop machines tracking, their deployment, performance, consumption and quality of work in agriculture. Module + GPS and GSM antenna are nounted on tracked machine for transferring a data to a server. The user is capable to display and analyze intended data for selected machines through a specialised software on his computer.


Basic Itineris features:


-  Electronic logbook

-  GPS vehicles tracking

-  Records of vehicle operations including evaluation of fuel consumption

-  Identification of a driver

-  The choice of work tasks and tools

-  Evaluation and analysis of data in the business



Based on a clear identification of driver (electronic key) and the choice of selecting work operations (including selection of tool and width) it is possible to track movements of each machine after parcel or road and at the same time evaluate the quality of work – keeping the angles while driving on parcel, gaps etc. Itineris is an agricultural system – not an update of application from truck transport. Therefore its data collection and transmission happens every second, not every minute or 3 minutes. With such an accurate data it is then perfectly possible to trace the vehicle movements, standing times, etc., which are data needed in terms of agronomy and economy of business itself. As a base you can use digital maps of land parcels and reflect the movement into them, including analysis for each parcel. A separate fuel consumption gauge is installed, which measures the fuel level and its loss, not directly the consumption. This loss can be displayed graphically and converted to a loss per parcel, per hour, etc.



In addition to the outputs in form of pictures (maps and path of rides) it is possible to create spreadsheets as a basis for analysis of work of individual machine, service, work processes, etc., all in short period (daily reports, monthly reports, any time reports). Thus collected and sorted data give perfect overview of the monitored equipment, economics of its operation and also source materials for wages of machine crews. Implementation of Itineris is an investment with very quick return and it contributes to the improvement of the management activities of business. Does not require any special knowledge to understand and the control is clear and intuitive.

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